February 4, 2011

Dear Listeners,

Underwater caves and cosmic reports
Tidal waves and last resorts
The real art of laser sound
Ounce for ounce and pound for pound

This is Rock And Roll Radio.

All kinds of tunes for your listening pleasure. Mixing and matching the platters, head to toe, from soup to nuts, all the news that's fit to print. Stay tuned this Thursday night for Freak of the Week Tara B, and the following week the Carlisle Family.

Highlights from this week include:
Canned Heat - Time Was
H.A.W.K. - It's All Over
Sugar And The Spices - Boys Can Be Mean
Spanky and the Gang - Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
Larry Williams - Steal A Kiss
Jimmy Donley - Strange Strange Feeling
Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot
Jimmy Donley - I Really Got The Blues
B.B. King - I Was Blind
Irma Thomas - Good To Me
Gandalf - Hang Onto A Dream
Ray Charles - Feeling Sad
The Senders - I Dream Of You
The Byrds - She Don't Care About Time
The Temptations - My GIrl
The Girls - My Love
Nora Dean - Barbwire
Jujus - Sweet Songs
First Base - I Saw Her First
First Base - I'm Don't Feel So Happy Now
The Poppy Family - Shadows On My Wall

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Best Regards,
Dr. Rocker