February 25, 2011

Dear Rockers and Rollers,

Situation alpha, code omega
On the trail of the last bodega
The gears turn up in the sky
Candles burn and eagles cry

Blowin' your mind all the time.
This is Rock And Roll Radio.

Last week's show was a special themed episode on "The Land Beyond" - anything and everything far out.

Highlights include:
Van Morrison - Mystic Eyes
Spank And The Gang - Come And Open Your Eyes
The Kinks - There's A New World Opening For Me
Sixtoo Rodriguez - Sugarman
Omar Soulyman - Leh Jani
Robbie Roberston - Crazy River
Hawkwind - Born To Go
Le Sahel - Khandion
Erikin Koray - Yagmur
Between - Devotion
Van Morrison - Blowin' Your Nose
Van Morrison - Nose In Your Blow
The Chips - Rubber Biscuits
Love - 7 is 7
Omar Pene - Indu Wade
Daniel Johnston - Shadows
And More!

Special thanks to Rock and Roll Radio Research Assistant Nick Kewin for his work.

Stay tuned this Thursday (tomorrow night) for the return of Freak of the Week Tara B in hour two.

Please excuse the late email. I have been having trouble with the usual megaupload file server, so I am trying out a new way of hosting the mp3 files on podomatic.com. You can now subscribe to Rock And Roll Radio as a podcast. You will also be able to find Rock And Roll Radio on iTunes under "Podcasts" in the near future. On the same subject you can also listen to CIUT 89.5 FM live on iTunes under: Radio; College/University; CIUT 89.5 FM)

Download / stream / podcast the show here:

Best Regards,
Dr. Rocker