March 18, 2011

Dear Listeners,

From flamingos to emus
From peacocks to penguins

How can you put a price on magic? You can't.
Rock And Roll Radio is full of pure magic and it's all free.

No spin!
No ulterior motives!
No selling points!
No dividends!
No bogus fiscal statements!
No pretext
No subtext!
No text at all, for that matter
No funny business, period!

I don't even care if you don't listen, but if you do, you are sure to be rewarded a thousand times over with countless moments of eternal happiness. 

Working on "the hard sell" since 2007, this is Rock And Roll Radio!

Please excuse the lateness of this update. Last week's show was another variation on the standard mission, with an emphasis on Canadian content, due the  SOCAN survey.

Highlights Include:
Orchestra Lipua Lipua - Losa
Mouffe - Jusqu'ai Couer
Charlebois - Alchimie
The Flee Rekkers - Green Jeans
Aaron Neville - Wrong Number
Leonard Cohen - That Don't Make It Junk
Act Casual - Demo Track 4
Heinz - Country Boy
Van Morrison - It's Alright
Pluto - Ram Jam
Sam The Sham And The Pharoas - Ju Ju Hand
Memphis Mini - Bad Luck Woman
Neil Young - Mellow My Mind
And More!

Also available for more long term download here:

- Tonight: Freak Of The Week Luke "The Wild Man" Forster returns with more far out radio sensations.
- Rock And Roll Radio DJ Night at the Henhouse (Dundas just west of Dufferin) will now be a monthly event: the second Saturday of every month, starting April 8th!

Best Regards,
Dr. Rocker