July 29 and August 5, 2011

Dear Listeners,

A few words of advice for aspiring baseball players from Greg Pryor, World Series winning infielder and Rock And Roll Radio fan:

1.       Strive to be teachable.

2.       Ask for help.

3.       Hey All-Star, there will always be somebody better than you somewhere so leave your ego at home.

4.       Get along with your teammates; it is something that you can control.

5.       Nobody wants to hear your excuses; they have their own problems.

6.       If you have good practice habits, you will improve your chances to succeed.

7.       Treat your glove like it is your friend.

8.       The baseball knows if you are scared.

9.       I prefer infielders with quick feet and average arms over slow feet and cannons.

10.    Look for ways to commend the performance of your teammate(s).

11.    Hope that every pitch will be hit to you and think that it will be!

12.    The ball will always find the guy who isn’t concentrating.

13.    Learn how to get your fingertips on the seams ASAP before throwing in practice and in games.

14.    Throw over the top so that the ball carries and is easier to catch by teammates.

15.    An over-aggressive fielder will get to more balls than an under-aggressive one.

16.    If you bobble a ball, use your bare hand to pick it up--not the glove.

17.    Find ways to get a stronger grip.

18.    Anticipate where the ball will be hit so that you can get a better jump.

19.    Develop your own style of getting ready for pitches.

20.    Work on your feet quickness every chance you get.

21.    Know where you are going to throw the ball before it is hit to you.

22.    Run everything out, especially balls hit back to the pitcher.

23.    Look forward to hitting with runners on base.

24.    Don’t worry; you are going to get another hit no matter how bad you are going.

25.    Respect your parents, coaches, and teachers—you can learn something from each one of them. 

26.    Learn how to be a good leader.  If you are not the leader type, then be a great follower.

27.    Ted Williams and Wade Boggs almost always took a strike before hitting.  Both are in the Hall of Fame.

28.    If you hit with two strikes all of the time, you are leaving your at-bat in the hands of an umpire who may be in a hurry to get home.

29.    Learn to be a great two-strike hitter.

30.    The best pitch that you will see all day might be the next one.

31.     Hitting line drives that are caught will help build maturity and character.

31.    Add your own tips! Experience is the best teacher!


Greg Pryor got in touch by email from Kansas while listening to the show last night and requested "I Can See For Miles" by The Who. Thanks Greg.

A double shot of Rock And Roll Radio for you
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August 5, 2011 Highlights
Ricky Nelson - Stood Up
Bobby Darin - Dream Lover
Billy Grammar - Gotta Travel On
Jack And The Rippers - Heart Attack
Bo Diddley - She's Fine, She's Mine
The Drifters - There Goes My Baby
Luiz Bonfa - Lila
The Turbans - When You Dance
Willie Nelson - Touch Me
Richie Knight And the Mid-Knights - Charlena
The Coasters - (When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me
N.W.A. - Somethin' Like That
Jimmy Jones - Handy Man
Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs - Stay
Buddy Knox - Party Doll
Bonnie Guitar - Dark Moon
Mr. Undertaker - Here Lies Love
Laura Lee - Dirty Man
Laura Lee - Uptight Good Man
Nina Tempo and April Stevens - Deep Purple
The Who - I Can See For Miles
And more

July 29, 2011 Highlights
The Ramones - Oh, I Love Her So
Buddy Holly - I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
The Ramones - Swallow My Pride
Buddy Holly - That's My Desire
The Ramones - California Sun
Buddy Holly - It's Not My Fault
David Porter - Hang On Sloopy (long version)
The Them - Gloria
Tina Turner - Show Some Respect
The Styalistics - People Make The World Go Round
Lee and Chess - Little Star
Mary Love - I'm In Your Hands
Jelly Roll Morton - Wolverine Blues
Screaming Lord Sutch - Night Of The Vampire
School Jerks - Passed Out
School Jerks - Stray
Eddy Holland - Leavin' Home
Jelly Roll Morton - Crazy Chords
And More

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