October 7, 2011

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A variety of smooth jams for you from last Thursday night. Heavy on the Lennie Hibbert, heavy on the Elvis Presley and heavy on the Everly Brothers. Please disregard the erroneous information about the Progressive Conservative Party winning the Ontario provincial election. False!

Tune in for more surprises next week.

Andres Segovia - If My Complaints
Elvis Presley - One Night
Elvis Presley - Fame And Fortune
Elvis Presley - Stuck On You
Elvis Presley - Spinout
Elvis Presley - Girls, Girls, Girls
Stan Rogers - Night GuardLennie Hibbert - Creation
Lennie Hibbert - Lights
Lennie Hibbert - Twilight Zone
Lennie Hibbert - Soul Shack
Lennie Hibbert - Sweet Lovin'
Lennie Hibbert - Real Hot
The Robins - That's What The Good Book Says
Shirley Gunter - Oop Shoop
Joe Huston - Rock That Boogie

Everly Brothers - You Done Me Wrong
Everly Brothers - Ventura Boulevard
The Sparkles - Oh Girls, Girls
And more!

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Christina and Elaine play
"the very best in garage, psych, punk, power pop, glam and soul hits all on glorious vinyl" 
Thursday, October 12, 2011
10 PM
The Embassy
223 Augsta Ave. Toronto, ON
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