May 3, 2013

Dear Listeners, 

There is drinking of wine 
In genuine confidence. No blame. 
But if one wets his head, 
He loses it, in truth. 


More James Brown. Jefferson Airplane, etc. Putting the spring in your spring; this is Rock And Roll Radio. 

Freak of the Week DJ Kate is on deck for this week, playing music on the theme of "solo projects". 


May 3, 2013 Highlights
The Lemon Drops - I Live In The Spring Time
Montana - Warp Factor 2 (Edit)
Utah Smith - I'm Free
James Brown - Good Lovin'
James Brown - I Lost Someone 
James Brown - Night Train
Les McCann - Benjamin 
Jelly Roll Morton - Black Bottom Stomp
James Brown - Come Over Here
James Brown - In The Wee Wee Hours Of The Nite
James Brown - I Don't Mind
James Brown - Just You And Me, Darling
James Brown - I Love You, Yes I Do
Pearl Harbour And The Explosions - You Got It (Release It)
The Mighty Hannibal - Big Chief Hug-Um An' Kiss-Um
Jefferson Airplane - Funny Cars
Jefferson Airplane - Today 
Tom Scott - Today 
Jefferson Airplane - 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds 
Jefferson Airplane - D.C.B.A. - 25
Gandalf - Hang Onto A Dream
Jefferson - White Rabbit
Jefferson - Plastic Fantastic Lover
Booker T. And The M.G.s Featuring Judy Clay - Children Don't Get Weary
Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
The Emotions - As Long As I've Got You (Demo)
The Squires - Going All The Way
Michael Jackson - Workin' Day And Night
Whistling Alex Moore - Heart Wrecked Blues 


Best Regards,
The Rock And Roll Doctor

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