Rock And Roll Radio - CIUT Spring Membership Drive

Dear Listeners, 


Bites on dried gristly meat. 
Receives metal arrows.
It furthers one to be mindful of difficulties
And to be preserving. 
Good fortune. 


A few matters of business: 

The CIUT Spring Membership Drive is upon us as of Wednesday April 9th, going until the 15th. Rock And Roll Radio needs your support! The pressure is on from the higher-ups, and I'm call on you (the loyal listener) to bring home the bacon. 

Donate online at It is secure, fast and easy. Give $100 or more and receive a free tarot card reading from yours truly at a time and place of your choosing. (Yes, I actually know how to do this!) There are prizes to be won and tax receipts to be had. Check out for all the details. Finances aside, thank you for your ongoing support of Rock And Roll Radio. 

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Yours Truly, 
The Rock And Roll Doctor

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