June 8, 2012

Dear Listeners, 

One sees one's companion as a pig covered with dirt, 
As a wagon full of devils. 
First one draws a bow against him,
Then one lays the bow aside. 
He is not a robber; he will woo at the right time.
As one goes, rain falls; then good fortune comes. 

This is Rock And Roll Radio.


Last night's show was a real trip. Wild styles of all varieties. A fair bit of stuff from the Sublime Frequencies catalogue.

Tune in next week for more hits. 


June 8, 2012 Highlights
Panthers - Malkaus
Thong Huad And Kunplan - Diew Sor Diew Caan
Nisar Bazmi - Aesi Chal Main
Kosok Tee Det - Plearn Promdan
Sroeng Santi - Dub Fai Kui Gun
Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
The Mods - Bondure
Haba Haba Group - Sitogol
The Mighty Sam - Sweet Dreams
Squeeze - Cool For Cats
Fore Thoughts - The Boat Man's Cry
Jacob Hoffman With Kandel's Orchestra - Doina And Hora
The Mods - Gorba Dance
The Mods - Spring Dance
The Panthers - Khatak
Naftule Brandwine - Kalarash
Bill Withers - Use Me
The Last Mr. Bigg - I'm Satisfied
Roger Miller - Little Green Apples
Mystery Nigerian Music
Group Inerane - Ano Nagarus
Group Inerane - Ikabkaban
Group Inerane - Nadan Al Kazawnin
Group Inerane - Awal September
Little Eva - Uptown
King Floyd - Groove Me

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