June 10, 2011

Dear Listeners,

It has not been so long since I last wrote, and yet it seems as thought an eternity may as well have passed  between now and then.

There are so many events upon which I could report, so many utterly unique moments that have gone by, each one more remarkable than the last.

I often think to myself, "I must make a careful mental note of this unusual scene, this thought or this particular feeling", so that I will remember it just as it was and preserve it in my mind with the intention that I may put it down in a letter for you to read.

All of these notable memories, however, seem to disappear the second I sit down to write, not unlike a school of minnows darting off in every direction the instant one puts one's hand in the water.

Perhaps this is what separates the great authors from the dilettantes and hobbyists. What a thing it must be to recall an event in perfect detail, true to life down to the last glance! What a gift it would be, and one I surely lack. In my own scribblings I am lucky if I can remember the name and general appearance of the main character, let alone any details that would offer a glimpse into the nature of the human condition. Alas!

Thus I write you a simple letter, well-intentioned, but firmly rooted in the banal and confused thoughts of everyday life.

This is Rock And Roll Radio.


The Rock And Roll DJ Night at the Henhouse was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came out. Put next month's DJ night in your calendar - Saturday, July 9. This will probably double as a birthday event. I am turning 28 on July 6th and my pal Zach is turning 30 on the July 9th.

The theme of this past Thursday's show was Misfortune: bad luck, tough breaks and hard times of all varieties. The wheel of fortune turneth over! Special thanks to Mike Alfano for his research on the subject.

 Next week expect more of the usual mish mash.

Also, stay tuned for Field Commander Draimin's Freak of the Week appearance the following Thursday, June 23.

Highlights from last week's show include:
Eddie Lawrence - The Old Philosopher
Otis Rush - Double Trouble
Ray Charles - Losing Hand
Tony Hester - Down In The Dumps
Freddie Watson - Unlucky Seven
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Bad Luck Blues
Memphis Minnie - Bad Luck Woman
Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Toots And The Maytals - You're Troubles Are Over
Timi Yuro - Insult To Injury
John Lee Hooker - John L's House Rent Boogie
Sam Cooke And The Soul Stirrers - Jesus, Wash My Trouble Away
Otis Redding - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Lucile Bogan - Walkin' Blues
James Carr - A Losing Game
Anne Peebles - Troubles, Heartaches and Sadness
Jimmie Rogers - Gambling Bar Room Blues
Jimmy Donley - Born To Be A Loser
Etta James - Losers Weepers
The Robins - Framed
The Tramps - Murder
Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose
Everly Brothers - Problems
Randy Newman - Baltimore

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Yours Truly,
The Rock And Roll Doctor

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